The Project

Angola is independent for almost 40 years and this fact makes it urgent the need to preserve testimonies of those who contributed to this achievement.

Some people that participated in the struggle for independence can still share recounts of their experiences. Testimonials that - we must collect, record and preserve.

The task is urgent and everyone’s cooperation is needed. This way, we can ensure that, through the work of scholars and researchers, the younger generations and the ones to come will enrich their knowledge about our History.

The “Associação Tchiweka de Documentação” (ATD) association decided, in addition to its regular activities, to carry out the project "Angola – Nos Trilhos da Independência" with the goal of contributing with its share in this common task. This project aims to collect oral testimonies of domestic or foreign, directly or indirectly involved in the anti-colonial struggle.

"Angola – Nos Trilhos da Independência", intends to contribute for a comprehensive research, which allows the registration of testimony in the nationalist movement medley.

This project will span over 5 years. In 2015, based on gathered material and with “Geração-80” production, ATD will promote a documentary about the work done.